QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Support Number

These days, running a self-employed business is gradually increasing, as more individuals are starting up their own profession. In such a profession, the individuals are either selling product items or rendering certain professional services to their customers.

Whether you are self-employed in a new business or one that has been running for quite some time now, managing your business effortlessly becomes the main concern. For instance, a person who is running a store and sells clothes to consumers, or any other consumer items, have to constantly and manually maintain their stock of commodities, scan the prices of each item sold using a Barcode scanner and making payments to the suppliers and vendors, etc. All these tasks may sometimes keep you totally occupied because of the manual effort that is put in by the person who is running the store.

So, to make things much easier and productive, there is a professional tool that can help the store owners operate their businesses with fewer efforts and automated tasks. The tool is Intuit’s QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS). This tool provides all the necessary functions along with many advanced features to help the store owners and self-employed businesses manage their inventory, payments, supplies and other things without any trouble.

We value both your money and time and that’s why we give you a complete and quick solution. First, we analyze your problem that you are facing and provide you the best solution. Our QuickBooks Support is available 24*7, you just need to call us at our Toll-Free number 1888-883-9555 to report your problem.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale is an advanced accounting business tool, specially built for store owners and self-employed individuals, who mainly trade product items to their customers.

QuickBooks Point of Sale desktop support for small business

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) accounting tool is offered to self-employed business owners in three editions:

  • QuickBooks POS Basic
  • QuickBooks POS Pro
  • QuickBooks POS Multi-Store

Each edition of the QuickBooks Point of Sale accounting tool includes features that allow store owners to manage their business effectively and get productive results.

If you are new to QuickBooks, you can easily get help from the QuickBooks Point of Sale support representatives. The experts can help you install the accounting product tool on your desktop computer and get you started in no time. You can contact the experts at QuickBooks Point of Sale support center via phone, online chat, e-mail, or by directly visiting their community pages to find the most common solutions available to the users.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale desktop accounting tool must meet certain software and hardware requirements before you can install and use the product tool in your store.

The recommended requirements for installing QuickBooks Point of Sale accounting tool on your desktop are given as follows:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Pro, 10 (32/64-bit architecture).

Processor: At least 2.0 GHz speed for a single user and 2.8 GHz for multiple users.

RAM:4 GB of physical memory minimum for a single workstation installation and at least 8 GB for a multi-user workstation installation.

Hard drive storage: At least 1 GB of storage space for installing the product tool on the desktop system, plus additional space for storing data files and backups.

Screen display settings: Requires a minimum screen display settings of 1280×768 for optimal resolution.

Product disc: A 4X DVD ROM drive is required if a user has purchased QuickBooks Point of Sale product DVD disc. DVD drive not required if a user has downloaded the software product directly from Intuit’s server.

Third-party software application integration: Microsoft Office versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 are supported and can be integrated with QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS).

Email client integration: Microsoft Outlook email client can be used with QuickBooks Point of Sale product tool.

These are the basic system requirements for installing the QuickBooks Point of Sale accounting product tool on your desktop computer. However, please note that the QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) software cannot be installed on a Mac computer, it’s currently available for Windows platform only.

The list of possible causes of QuickBooks for POS Software

  • Company data was moved, renamed, or removed.
  • For the Firewall setting
  • The network connection or configuration is not proper working
  • The data file does not have the unique name
  • Email receipt problems with POS
  • Data transfer and the migration-related problem with POS
  • POS Crashes During License Checking
  • Loses connection problem with the database
  • Getting error issue while start POS
  • The installation takes longer time than usual

Our Point of Sale Support Services Include:


Set up and hardware of your product – Start with the new software is quite a tough job for the Non-technical person. We help you with the setup process and gives you all details about your POS software. For getting new information and knowledge or any other issue related to POS, you can contact our team  (Toll-free:1888-883-9555).


Customer orders and sales – Sometimes owner gets confused about their sale, how to get the receipt of orders, how to refund in clients account, online payment issue, exchange and return issue and information about gift card balance. You just need to call our support number and get all the answers.

QuickBooks POS Payment –  As we know that payment process is very important in QuickBooks.If you face errors like payment not accepting, card processing error, payment refunding error or any other issue related to payment. Contact our support number for instant help. We will be happy to help you.

Our Quickbooks online support is always available for the solution of any kind of technical problem related to QuickBooks POS. Our executives are 24/7 accessible for you. Our expert’s team make sure to resolve your problem within minutes and provide the complete solution. We trying to solve your query in the first call. So don’t hesitate to call us.

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